A little boys prayer

Four years ago a little boy was learning about prayer. He was learning that the Bible tells us to write down our request and wait for God to answer our prayers.  

I read Habakkuk 2:2-3 to him,

“And then GOD answered: “Write this. Write what you see. Write it out in big block letters so that it can be read on the run. This vision-message is a witness pointing to what’s coming. It aches for the coming—it can hardly wait! And it doesn’t lie. If it seems slow in coming, wait. It’s on its way. It will come right on time.”

He wrote in my journal. He wrote down his hearts desires that evening. And we prayed over them. And we believed God for them.  

Four years later, he has a dad. Not just any dad, but a broken and hurt relationship was mended and our little family was reconciled. He has a brother. Not just any brother, but a sweet miracle that doctors said was impossible. We have a home, where memories are made and love is felt.  

And we are believing for number 4. Gods not done answering this little boys prayers.  

Never give up on a prayer that you prayed. He will answer you. It may not look like you had imagined. But He will give you the very best.  



11 years and worth it 

Every one is always surprised when we say, we have an 11 year old and a newborn. Heck, it’s quite amusing to us too.  

Some people like to wait a couple years in between children. We waited 11. Not by choice, but it was definitely in Gods plan all along.  

Sure I would have loved for Caleb to grow up with a brother or sister. There were so many times that I would send him outside to play and 10 minutes later he’d come in and say it’s boring to play by myself. No one to share with, fight with, explore with.  

Here we are 11 years later and I don’t think it could be anymore perfect. Caleb is thrilled about his baby brother. Every day he comes home from school, goes straight to the sink to wash off all the school germs then comes to his brother to give him a dap and a kiss. He ask to hold him, feed him, burp him. If I could only get him to change diapers this would be the life! Caleb wants to be the one to carry the diaper bag, push the stroller, anything to be right by brothers side.  

We are so incredibly blessed to have 2 such amazing boys, 11 years apart. Gods timing was perfect.  


No words….

Seriously, there are no words to describe how my heart feels today.  I just can’t think of a word that will suffice.

What I can tell you is that I didn’t sleep one single minute last night.  I was overwhelmed with excitement, nerves, anxiety, unsteadiness, anticipation and so much more.  We chose to have a c-section, I’ll talk about that more at a later date, and as I was laying there on the surgery table, all I could ask God for was to cover him, to do a miraculous healing in his body and for him to just be ok.  

And at 7:51am, Xander Lee Hampton took his first breath. And he was perfect! We didn’t need to take him to NiCU.  The neurologist didn’t have to rush over.  He was perfect.  Now I don’t know what God has in store for our future. But what I do know is that God knew at 7:51, this perfect little human would breathe his first breath.  I know that God has Xander in the center of His palm.  And I know that regardless of what the future holds, I will rejoice in what the Lord has made.  He created Xander just for Courtney and I.      And for Caleb.  

As I write this, I weep knowing that Gods love for His children is so deep and so wide, it’s uncomparable, unimaginable, unattenable and there is absolutely nothing that we have done to earn it.  But He freely gives it to us.  And today was such an amazing reminder of His love & grace.  



My heart is overflowing with joy today. So incredibly grateful for all of the people that God has placed in my life. This has been by far one of the most joyful yet hardest seasons of my life. But God is so faithful and has surrounded me with people that lift me and carry me when I haven no strength to do it on my own. 

Thankful for all those who celebrated with me today! We are so excited to meet Xander Lee! 

More baby shower pictures to come. ❤

Hampton Party of 4

For TEN years, Caleb has been an only child.  He has played alone, tried to use his imagination as much as possible, sat in many “girl” talks and honestly, has had all the attention on him, all the time.

But for several years now he has been dreaming of a brother or sister.  And when Courtney and I started talking marriage, the planning and praying began.

After just 6 months of trying, while battling PCOS (I’ll talk about that a little more later) we are pregnant!!



We are so stinking excited and even more so, thankful to God for the little growing miracle!  Stay tuned for more preggo updates!  ❤

Unmerited Favor

Last night during our First Wednesday service, Bishop Tony Miller was speaking on the difference between Mercy & Grace. A lot of Christians confuse the two and think they are one in the same. But on the contrary they are completely different.

Mercy. Bishop Miller compared Gods mercy to a judicial court. When you have committed a crime, you go to the court asking for mercy. Why? Because you know that you are guilty but you want the judge, court to have mercy on you & your punishment. However, God is so good, that He tells us that we are not guilty even before we have committed the crime! Lamentations 3:3 says that He gives us new mercies every morning. God knew that before we would even wake up and make it to the bathroom we weren’t going to get everything just right. So God had goodness & mercy waiting for you every single morning.  I don’t know about you but that is good news!!

Grace. Mercy says I’m not going to get what I deserve. Grace says I’m going to give you far more than you ever deserve. Grace is unmerited, undeserving, unworthy favor. Grace is when you get a job not because you deserve it, or have the qualifications for it but simply because God says so. Grace is when you get that house not because you qualified for it or had the down payment for it but because God said it was yours! His Grace was and is sufficient enough!

As Bishop Miller was talking about the two, I received this picture from our lovely photographer, Meshali Mitchell.


This picture is worth a million bucks. And means the world to me. She couldn’t have sent it to me at a more perfect time. What a sweet, sweet reminder of Gods Mercy & Grace.

Mercy, because if you only knew half of what Courtney and I have been through. Hell & back I tell you. In fact, till this day we are still having to pay for some of those actions that we made some years ago. Many actions that we are not proud of. But they were our decisions. So thank God for His mercy that He has over our lives!

Grace, because we found love again in each other. We were joined together as a family. And then to see our son so happy on this special day. We don’t deserve him! We aren’t the best parents, and half the time we don’t know what we are doing! We did nothing to deserve such a wonderful, remarkable, smart, loving, caring little boy. But He chose us as his parents. And that is unmerited favor.

Thank you for the sweet reminder Meshali. May you always, always be highly favored with Gods goodness!

Happy Heaven Birthday Lala!


Today marks 365 days that you left us here on earth and went to be with our Heavenly Father.

My Lala was someone that I loved so much. She was so special to me. And until the moment that she took her last breathe, I never imagined life without her. I may have been a grown woman but I honestly thought she would live forever.  And until that very day, I have never experienced pain the way I did that very day.  She was the first person that I have lost that was so close to me.  Sometimes I still don’t understand it.

However, there is going to come a day when we leave this life and enter into eternity.  And that day shall be a much better day.

“To me the only important thing about living is Christ, and dying would be profit for me…to leave this life and be with Christ, which is much better.” Philippians 1:21,23

Jesus called Heaven, paradise. Paradise is a place of extreme beauty, delight or happiness.  Not to mention, we will be in pure perfection in His presence. There is no sadness, no sickness, no cancer, no suffering, no disease, no addictions, no depression, no anxiety, no heartache, no aging, just pure perfection.

This past year was a year of sorrow because we physically lost someone who was so dear to us. But we can rejoice in knowing that she is more alive today than she was here on earth.  What a bitter but sweet moment to lose someone that you love so much but to rejoice knowing that they are completely healed and made whole.  I find peace in knowing that one day I will get to see her sweet face again and feel her soft touch.

But until then, I will always carry you in my heart and will love you forever.

Happy Heaven Birthday Lala!






Special Announcement

I am so happy to announce that Courtney & I are FINALLY tying the knot! And yes, I said finally.  For those of you that are tuning in for the first time or don’t know all of our love story, well stick around because boy do I have a book for you! 🙂

Last Christmas, my family and I were sitting around the table and I’m not sure if anyone else’s family is like mine but lets just say we don’t exactly sing Christmas carols, drink egg nog while enjoying everyones company.  Quite the exact opposite actually.  It’s always a discussion of who is going where, what are we eating, what time are we eating, I don’t want to go there, they don’t want to come here.  So as we were summarizing the days events, I asked my parents how they felt about starting a new tradition.   Instead of wasting money on gifts that no one likes and ends up repackaging next year, let’s go on a family vacation Christmas week instead.  I would much rather make memories with my family then blow my money on something they don’t ever wear or even like for that matter.

So it was agreed upon that Christmas 2015 we would spend Christmas in New York!

Well Courtney and I had been talking about getting married and what we envisioned for our special day.  We both agreed that we didn’t want anything too big but we agreed that we wanted it to be special.  So one day, as we were talking about New York I turned and looked at him and said, let’s get married in New York!  And his eyes lit up like a Christmas tree.  Needless to say, we didn’t have to discuss further.  It was set.

Now, for those of you who don’t really know our history, (which I’ll get to that another day) I had told Courtney that a proposal and a ring was not important to me. An engagement was not important to me.  The whole hoopla before the wedding is not important.  In fact, the wedding is not important.  What is important to me was that we were married, our marriage would be centered around Christ, that we were both ready and that this time around we would do it in a way that God would be honored most importantly.

Well it was Monday July 6th and my parents had just left town and I was really disappointed because I thought Courtney hadn’t spoken with my dad & mom about “us”.  So I was out running errands and Courtney was at my house with Caleb.  I got home and went to my room and Caleb & Courtney walked in.  He asked Caleb & I to have a seat so we did.  He got down on his knees and he began to tell us that loved us so much, and that He wanted us to be a family, officially.  He asked me to marry him.  And I remember turning and looking at Caleb.  And the look that he had on his face was priceless.  That moment was priceless.

So there you have it.  We are officially going to be a family.  We will be having a small ceremony in New York City on December 21.  Once we are back in Texas and the weather clears up, we will have a big party for all of our friends and family.  We are so excited to begin this new chapter in our lives and we want to thank all of you who have prayed and encouraged us.  We love you. xoxo

Check out our wedding website for more details on our special day,

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