No words….

Seriously, there are no words to describe how my heart feels today.  I just can’t think of a word that will suffice.

What I can tell you is that I didn’t sleep one single minute last night.  I was overwhelmed with excitement, nerves, anxiety, unsteadiness, anticipation and so much more.  We chose to have a c-section, I’ll talk about that more at a later date, and as I was laying there on the surgery table, all I could ask God for was to cover him, to do a miraculous healing in his body and for him to just be ok.  

And at 7:51am, Xander Lee Hampton took his first breath. And he was perfect! We didn’t need to take him to NiCU.  The neurologist didn’t have to rush over.  He was perfect.  Now I don’t know what God has in store for our future. But what I do know is that God knew at 7:51, this perfect little human would breathe his first breath.  I know that God has Xander in the center of His palm.  And I know that regardless of what the future holds, I will rejoice in what the Lord has made.  He created Xander just for Courtney and I.      And for Caleb.  

As I write this, I weep knowing that Gods love for His children is so deep and so wide, it’s uncomparable, unimaginable, unattenable and there is absolutely nothing that we have done to earn it.  But He freely gives it to us.  And today was such an amazing reminder of His love & grace.  



Dear brother,

I write this post as we wait to be seen by the doctor.  Brother! Can you please come out and play already! 

Caleb wrote a letter to Xander the other day and I wanted to share his sweet heart with you.  
Dear Xander,

There is nothing that I have wanted more than a little brother.  Even though the doctors said you will have problems, I’ve prayed for you and believed you were going to be perfect. And you are! And I haven’t even met you! 

There has been so many questions I have like, what are you going to look like? What skin color? What eye color? What hair color?

There are just endless wonders about you!  And I will make sure to protect you, after all it’s my duty! We all thought you were a miracle and you are a blessing! We all love you and you are perfectly made! 



This little boy just melts my heart with his sweetness! ❤ He will be such a great brother!! 


Now we just need a baby…

Project nursery is done. Well for now.  I still need to find curtains that I like and a few frames for his wall.  But overall I am very pleased with how his nursery turned out.  I love that nothing else in our house resembles his room.  I have always been more drawn to shabby chic thanks to my obsession with Joanna Gaines.  But I feel in love with everything monochrome and of course I just HAD to have a teepee.

I found the rug on and was very pleased with how fast it arrived.

The decorative frames and arrow banner are all from Hobby Lobby. Who doesn’t love their 50% discount they have almost monthly on all of their items?!!

The teepee was purchased from and I love that it’s so versatile. I cannot wait to snuggle up with baby and read books to him in there.

The crib sheet and changing pad cover are both from Modern Burlap. I love, love, LOVE this company not only because it’s from Texas but also because they provide organic products as well.  If  you haven’t heard of them, check them out!  The chest of drawers is from Ikea that well took some time and extra hands to put together.


And now, we just wait for baby Xander to arrive. Any day now bud!


what the what?

The closer and closer we get to meeting the little guy, the more and more I seem to be freaking out. Hahaha. I have so many mixed emotions about it all.  Obviously excitement to see him, embrace him and love on him.  Then there is a feeling of being overwhelmed by all of the to-do’s before his arrival.  I mean no matter how much you dust and vacuum the house just never seems to stay clean.  Then, there is the thoughts of do we have everything we need? Do we have enough blankets, wash clothes, diapers? Well crap we haven’t even taken the car seat out of the box to assemble.  The bassinet hasn’t come in the mail yet.  What about Caleb?  Have we spent enough time with him? Have we answered all of his questions? Is everything squared away at work? The list seems to go on forever…


Am I the only one that feels this way? Are there any other mama’s out there that have had similar thoughts?  Or am I just the crazy one?  Because I’ve been known to be a little (or lot) crazy.


I love that my husband is so calm, on the outside at least. He reassures me that everything is going to be ok.  And if Xander comes early, which is a possibility, that we’ll just “wing it”.  He’s much better at ‘winging’ than I am.  See the control freak inside again??


Well keep us in your prayers and if you have any advice, would love to hear it!



Can I just start off with how much I adore and appreciate all of my friends that love and spoil me?!

And spoiled is exactly how I felt last Saturday for Xander’s shower.  Here are a few pictures, taken by my sweet friend Sylvia from FototasticDFW.

Cake & cookies were done by me 😊 I know, I know, I wasn’t supposed to do anything but I couldn’t let my friends do everything!

And how about this precious teepee?! You have no idea the headache we went through trying to get a teepee. Sheesh. We finally got this one from Amazon and had absolutely no problems.  I think it was well worth it, what do you think?

I just loved this super simple photo backdrop. My dear friend found this rug at Hobby Lobby and it was just perfect with the theme 💙

Everything was just perfect. And most of all, I am so glad that I have the most amazing friends that I get to share my life with!



My heart is overflowing with joy today. So incredibly grateful for all of the people that God has placed in my life. This has been by far one of the most joyful yet hardest seasons of my life. But God is so faithful and has surrounded me with people that lift me and carry me when I haven no strength to do it on my own. 

Thankful for all those who celebrated with me today! We are so excited to meet Xander Lee! 

More baby shower pictures to come. ❤

To be thankful….

Today, is thanksgiving day. And many are enjoying the day with their family and friends eating tons of amazing carb-filled food. But I woke up today with such a heavy heart.

Yesterday, Courtney and I received some news about our sweet little that we were not expecting. Several weeks ago the doctors noticed that baby Xander had too much fluid around his brain. We were scheduled to have a fetal MRI yesterday morning and we were praying and believing that the doctors were completely wrong.

To much avail, we were told that baby Xander was diagnosed with agenesis of the corpus callosum, or ACC. He is missing the section of the brain that connects the left side to the right side. ACC is caused when there is a disruption of brain cell migration during fetal development, usually between the 3rd and 12th weeks of pregnancy.

There is still a lot of uncertainty, unanswered questions and what’s next to be answered. But none the less, Courtney & I left the doctor’s office in a complete daze, broken-hearted, unsure of the future, speechless…

We got home to tell our oldest son, Caleb the news. That the brother that he had been waiting for so patiently, was going to be different than him. Yesterday, I told myself that I would only allow myself one day to be devastated and tomorrow we would move on and be thankful for our sweet little miracle baby.

I would be lying to you if I told you that I didn’t cry today in fetal position for an hour hoping that yesterday was a dream or if I told you that I wasn’t crying as I wrote this post. But today, I have 2 choices to make…

I can sit alone all day and cry, asking God the why and how questions or I can thank God for the sweet little miracle that He blessed us with. I can be thankful that God trusted Courtney and I with this sweet life. I don’t know why it happened to us, but God clearly thinks that we are capable of this new season. I don’t know how we will do it, but I’m thankful that I can rest in knowing that we are not alone in this. That God will give us the strength, wisdom, knowledge and grace to be the best parents that we can possibly be to this little guy.

So today, I chose to be thankful. And excited, to meet you sweet baby.

Hampton Party of 4

For TEN years, Caleb has been an only child.  He has played alone, tried to use his imagination as much as possible, sat in many “girl” talks and honestly, has had all the attention on him, all the time.

But for several years now he has been dreaming of a brother or sister.  And when Courtney and I started talking marriage, the planning and praying began.

After just 6 months of trying, while battling PCOS (I’ll talk about that a little more later) we are pregnant!!



We are so stinking excited and even more so, thankful to God for the little growing miracle!  Stay tuned for more preggo updates!  ❤