Party of 3, not for much longer

This past Friday, Courtney had the evening off and that happens hardly never. We decided we would spend the entire evening doing whatever Caleb wanted to do. 

After all, this may be our last Friday night as a family of 3. (Gosh I hope so because I’m literally about to burst!) 

I know that this may not seem like a big deal to some families but when your husband is in the restaurant industry, the few evenings that we can all be together are very much cherished.  

Caleb has been an only child for 11 years. And although he is so excited about having a brother, Courtney & I do worry about how having a new child will affect him. We want to make every effort to make sure Caleb never feels neglected, unimportant or left out. We pray that in this new season as a family of four, that we will be intentional with our time and love for both of our children.  

So, here’s to Hampton party of Four! 



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