well hello, 2017

It’s about that time where goals and resolutions are being set in hopes to keep them for more than a month. Well maybe that’s just me, but year after year I set the same goals for myself, you know the typical: lose weight, payoff debt, save money. And normally by the end of January, my diet has become the “see-food diet” and the budget has gone out the window.

This year, my husband and I sat down after dinner one night and we came up with a list of goals that didn’t seem to be unachievable. However, the next morning I woke up with great expectation for 2017. I started thinking about a post that I wrote earlier in the year about the difference between mercy and grace. If you didn’t get a chance to read it, you can here.

This got me thinking, am I really believing for Gods very best in 2017 or am I just expecting to get by and settling for goals that can be achievable by our own means?

1 Corinthians 2:9 says, “No mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him.” 

I started thinking about the story of Simon Peter when he went out to fish and caught nothing. But Jesus took him on the boat the next morning and said let’s try one more time. Jesus didn’t just provide a handful of fish to Simon Peter. He gave him 2 boats full! More than Simon Peter ever imagined!

What about the story of the hungry crowd that gathered to hear Jesus preach? They were starving but all the disciples had was 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish. Jesus multiplied the food and the crowd ate until they were satisfied. But the bible says, not only did he provide enough food for 5000 people to eat but there was 12 baskets left over!

Why is it that when we ask God for something like a new job, we don’t ask God for a perfect job that fits our personality and our families needs, that will free us from our debt and provide more than enough and give us the ability to be generous and bless others? Or instead of simply saying, I want to lose weight saying Lord I have great expectations to regain my health this year, that I will be full of energy for my children and spouse, that I will not be a victim of any disease but I have complete healing over my entire body?

The truth is, I am such a victim of just asking God for the bare minimum. But 2017 is going to be so different for me. I am expecting nothing but God’s goodness and unimaginable favor over my life, my husband, my children and for you my friend. I truly pray that God will blow your mind with His favor. And I expect to hear great things that He has done for you in 2017!

Happy New Year my lovelies!



Merry Christmas

Have a wonderful, amazing, full of laughter and cheer, wonderful memories, Christmas! 

From our home to yours! 


Hampton Party of Four

One down, a lifetime to go!

365 days ago, I said yes to my best friend. I still find it strange sometimes that we are married. Our journey started in the fall of 2001. Not many people you know have had a 14 year engagement right? Well us either haha. But although our road hasn’t been as easy one, in fact pretty darn difficult if I must be honest. I wouldn’t change one minute of it. 

I absolutely love the man that Courtney is today. I love all of his annoying habits. For instance, the fact that he doesn’t dry his hands after rinsing them or the fact that he can live all day, very happily actually without stressing whether or not the bed is made. I love all of his great qualities too. The ones that most people don’t see in him. The ones that even he doesn’t realize that he carries. 

I envisioned a blog of “Do’s & Don’t Do’s” in the first year of marriage but who am I kidding, we have no clue what we are doing. We have no idea if we are doing anything right or if we have it all wrong. Not too mention this first year of marriage for us hasn’t exactly been honeymoon bliss. For instance, the first 2 months in fact I had bronchitits and he slept on the couch because my snoring was horrendous.  He also had a job for the majority of the year that demanded him to work 100+ hours a week so we rarely saw each other. 

However, we have managed to learn a couple of things along the way.  First, we learned to not compare our marriage to our friends marriages. Every marriage is different. And what may work for our friends, doesn’t work for us.  We’ve also used the word “intentional” quite often this year.  It’s so easy to get so busy with the duties of life, work, children that you forget that your spouse needs attention.  Although we would love to have more time with each other, we strive to be intentional with the time that we do have for one another. 

Also, we’ve learned that every day that we wake up to each other, we make a decision to love one another and to make this thing work. We choose each other every single day.  And I’m looking forward to a lifetime with him! 

Happy Anniversary babe! xoxo

Photo credits: Meshali Mitchell 


The other day Caleb and I were in Target and this little girl, couldn’t have been older than 3 got away from her mother and started running and scream, playing. Her mother started chasing after her, telling her to stop and not yell. Caleb and I just stopped and watch this go on. Then Caleb turned to me and said, mom are you ready for that? In a “I’m not sure if I’m ready for that” voice. 

I smiled big and said, I can’t wait.

Let’s be honest mamas, how many times have our kids thrown a tantrum in public and you thought to yourself, oh Lord this child is going to make me go crazy? Or how about, I will leave you here and let someone else take you? Ok maybe that was just me. LOL

God has a funny way of showing you the beauty in all things and in all seasons. It wasn’t until I heard the words, “he may have trouble reaching his milestone” did a tantrum look so beautiful.

The truth is, we don’t know what our future looks like. The doctors could be right. But God could also prove them wrong. But whatever the future holds, I have learned that every single moment with my children, is beautiful. The good, the bad, the ugly, the tantrums, all of it. 

Enjoy your children today. Cherish those moments, all of them.

“But I will hope continually, and will praise you yet more and more.” Psalms 71:14

A season of remembrance….

This week has been a week of fresh air. After discovering the results of the MRI (see previous post) and battling horrible thoughts and fighting a road that could lead to depression, anger and fear, I felt a tug from God telling me to remember.
(My dialogue with God)

Remember what Lord? 
Remember that I am the Great I am.

Remember that I am the Great Physician.

Remember that I am the Ultimate Healer.

Remember that I am the Creator of all things.

Remember that I love you, and your children more than you could ever love them. 

Remember that I have formed Xander in your womb. 
But also, remember all that I have already done for you. 

Remember everything that you have been through and everything that you have come out of. 

Remember that I have rescued you. 
And remember not what I have done just for you, but what I have done for others. 

From the beginning of time, I have preformed miracles of healing and provision.

 I have rescued the Israelites from slavery. 

I rescued Daniel from the Lions den.
God never promised us an easy life. And to be honest, sometimes situations that come our way just straight up suck. But what He did promise us is that He will never leave us nor forsake us. He promised us that He would be by our side till the end of time. And he promised to be our comforter.
Sometimes, it just takes a moment to sit back and remember who God is. He has a beautiful journey in store for us. Sometimes we just have to remember how far we have come, in order to move forward. 
Shout out to my hubby who no matter what the circumstance is, can always put a smile on my face ❤️ especially over some apple pie!