Pizza Night

Summer is coming to an end, thankfully but we are trying to take advantage of our grill as much as possible.  And there is nothing better than grilled pizza!


Courtney had an evening off and we put him to work! Caleb of course wanted just cheese and pepperoni but Courtney had to spruce his up.  He made a pesto, grilled some peaches, tossed some arugula & goat cheese on top and drizzled a balsamic vinegar reduction (if I don’t say reduction, Courtney will get me) over the top.  It was so delicious!

The best thing about pizza’s is that you can basically top it with anything hanging around in the pantry or refrigerator.  Just let your creative juices flow!



I’m not sure if you’ll find anyone more obsessed with mason jars than me! I mean, it truly is a problem. One that seems to be rubbing off on my husband too. These jars are everywhere in our home, from our fridge to pantry to the bedrooms.

So of course I had to celebrate them today on #MasonJarMondays! Here are just a few ways that they are used at our home. How do you use them?

Hampton Party of 4

For TEN years, Caleb has been an only child.  He has played alone, tried to use his imagination as much as possible, sat in many “girl” talks and honestly, has had all the attention on him, all the time.

But for several years now he has been dreaming of a brother or sister.  And when Courtney and I started talking marriage, the planning and praying began.

After just 6 months of trying, while battling PCOS (I’ll talk about that a little more later) we are pregnant!!



We are so stinking excited and even more so, thankful to God for the little growing miracle!  Stay tuned for more preggo updates!  ❤