Unmerited Favor

Last night during our First Wednesday service, Bishop Tony Miller was speaking on the difference between Mercy & Grace. A lot of Christians confuse the two and think they are one in the same. But on the contrary they are completely different.

Mercy. Bishop Miller compared Gods mercy to a judicial court. When you have committed a crime, you go to the court asking for mercy. Why? Because you know that you are guilty but you want the judge, court to have mercy on you & your punishment. However, God is so good, that He tells us that we are not guilty even before we have committed the crime! Lamentations 3:3 says that He gives us new mercies every morning. God knew that before we would even wake up and make it to the bathroom we weren’t going to get everything just right. So God had goodness & mercy waiting for you every single morning.  I don’t know about you but that is good news!!

Grace. Mercy says I’m not going to get what I deserve. Grace says I’m going to give you far more than you ever deserve. Grace is unmerited, undeserving, unworthy favor. Grace is when you get a job not because you deserve it, or have the qualifications for it but simply because God says so. Grace is when you get that house not because you qualified for it or had the down payment for it but because God said it was yours! His Grace was and is sufficient enough!

As Bishop Miller was talking about the two, I received this picture from our lovely photographer, Meshali Mitchell.


This picture is worth a million bucks. And means the world to me. She couldn’t have sent it to me at a more perfect time. What a sweet, sweet reminder of Gods Mercy & Grace.

Mercy, because if you only knew half of what Courtney and I have been through. Hell & back I tell you. In fact, till this day we are still having to pay for some of those actions that we made some years ago. Many actions that we are not proud of. But they were our decisions. So thank God for His mercy that He has over our lives!

Grace, because we found love again in each other. We were joined together as a family. And then to see our son so happy on this special day. We don’t deserve him! We aren’t the best parents, and half the time we don’t know what we are doing! We did nothing to deserve such a wonderful, remarkable, smart, loving, caring little boy. But He chose us as his parents. And that is unmerited favor.

Thank you for the sweet reminder Meshali. May you always, always be highly favored with Gods goodness!