Special Announcement

I am so happy to announce that Courtney & I are FINALLY tying the knot! And yes, I said finally.  For those of you that are tuning in for the first time or don’t know all of our love story, well stick around because boy do I have a book for you! 🙂

Last Christmas, my family and I were sitting around the table and I’m not sure if anyone else’s family is like mine but lets just say we don’t exactly sing Christmas carols, drink egg nog while enjoying everyones company.  Quite the exact opposite actually.  It’s always a discussion of who is going where, what are we eating, what time are we eating, I don’t want to go there, they don’t want to come here.  So as we were summarizing the days events, I asked my parents how they felt about starting a new tradition.   Instead of wasting money on gifts that no one likes and ends up repackaging next year, let’s go on a family vacation Christmas week instead.  I would much rather make memories with my family then blow my money on something they don’t ever wear or even like for that matter.

So it was agreed upon that Christmas 2015 we would spend Christmas in New York!

Well Courtney and I had been talking about getting married and what we envisioned for our special day.  We both agreed that we didn’t want anything too big but we agreed that we wanted it to be special.  So one day, as we were talking about New York I turned and looked at him and said, let’s get married in New York!  And his eyes lit up like a Christmas tree.  Needless to say, we didn’t have to discuss further.  It was set.

Now, for those of you who don’t really know our history, (which I’ll get to that another day) I had told Courtney that a proposal and a ring was not important to me. An engagement was not important to me.  The whole hoopla before the wedding is not important.  In fact, the wedding is not important.  What is important to me was that we were married, our marriage would be centered around Christ, that we were both ready and that this time around we would do it in a way that God would be honored most importantly.

Well it was Monday July 6th and my parents had just left town and I was really disappointed because I thought Courtney hadn’t spoken with my dad & mom about “us”.  So I was out running errands and Courtney was at my house with Caleb.  I got home and went to my room and Caleb & Courtney walked in.  He asked Caleb & I to have a seat so we did.  He got down on his knees and he began to tell us that loved us so much, and that He wanted us to be a family, officially.  He asked me to marry him.  And I remember turning and looking at Caleb.  And the look that he had on his face was priceless.  That moment was priceless.

So there you have it.  We are officially going to be a family.  We will be having a small ceremony in New York City on December 21.  Once we are back in Texas and the weather clears up, we will have a big party for all of our friends and family.  We are so excited to begin this new chapter in our lives and we want to thank all of you who have prayed and encouraged us.  We love you. xoxo

Check out our wedding website for more details on our special day,

finallyahampton.minted.us (For a limited time, Minted.com is offering free wedding websites plus a $50 credit off purchases of $100 or more.  Check them out!)


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